Inspecting new buildings

Even a newly-built house is no guarantee of immediate or hassle-free living. We will check that your new building complies with all standards and that the builders have not left behind any defects or unfinished work. We will also determine whether the developer has followed 
Bytechek Best Practice.

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We inspect new buildings before and after completion

I'm considering buying a new building

We will go through the construction or project for you, making sure it is carefully built and completed. We will prepare a document with the details of how to correct any flaws discovered.

I'm buying a new building from a developer

We will check it complies with the standards and look for obvious and potential problems with the property. We will compile a document you can use to negotiate with the developer on removing the flaws or getting a discount.

What do you get in the service?

How much will you save with an inspection

Typical defects

Average costs for removing them

Stair treads with uneven heights

Repairs to paint and plaster

Deviations in construction surfaces beyond the tolerances for geometric accuracy requirements in construction – wall squareness

Deviations in construction surfaces beyond the tolerances for geometric accuracy requirements in construction – floor flatness

Sockets not working

60 000 Kč

30 000 Kč

35 000 Kč


45 000 Kč

9 000 Kč

We will also point out mechanical damage and obvious defects in the workmanship. It is almost impossible to lodge a complaint about them after the handover. These are defects costing tens of thousands of crowns.

Costs not included: time and energy spent arguing with the developer, finding a builder, having work checked by a building supervisor or other professional, paying rent in a sublet due to not being able to move into the new one, mortgage fees due to a delay in the start date.

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+ 420 608 979 955
weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Contact us

+ 420 608 979 955


weekdays from 9:00 a.m.
to 5:30 p.m.