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The most pleasant surprise was the result

I went for an inspection because the quality of buildings varies and I wanted to avoid potential problems. I am not in the trade and I believe that such checks should be done by experts. The Bytecheck surveyor arrived on time and worked independently.

He made a very detailed, examination of the house for over two hours. Frankly, I would have figured some of it out on my own, but I certainly wouldn't have recognized all the problems, and I certainly wouldn't have checked what the things he checked. The most pleasant surprise was the result. The service is not exactly the cheapest, so professionalism and quality was expected and taken as a mustnecessity.

But by the next day, I had an interactive form in front of me, which had everything recorded, in great detail and with photographs. Thanks to this, they’re working on the house’s shortcomings that I wouldn't have had a clue about. Although it was quite a bit of money, I'm very glad for the inspection. And I have already booked a service for an inspection during the final acceptance as well as to check for additional repairs identified by the inspection.

I think everyone should have a property inspected before buying.


We want to know what we’re buying

I’ve had a positive impression from all the joint inspections (I’ve had two so far). The inspectors are very meticulous and I know I can rely on their judgement. After the first inspection, my husband and I decided not to buy the property

This may seem unpleasant, but I'm happy about it because we found a much better deal and saved ourselves a lot of money and hassle on repairs. For me the biggest plus was Inspector Sýkora’s rapid inspection and communication.

My husband and I are not in the construction industry, but we want to understand what we’re buying. He gave us a perfect outline of the building’s current problems, possible future difficulties, but mainly he pointed out the financial aspect of their solution.

Thanks to this, we were able to ask for a commensurate discount on the first property to remove defects. And when the sellers didn't agree, we could look for another property with a clear conscience.


All the reconstruction proposals came with a financial estimate

Our investment in the inspection definitely paid off. Not everything the real estate agent or property owners say is the full truth, so it's good to have someone on your side. Communication with Lucy was excellent, everything ran smoothly and within a few days the inspection was arranged.

Inspector Blaha called right immediately after inspecting the flat with my husband to tell him the preliminary result. Then we got a comprehensive report. It was clearly structured and included tips for possible future improvements to the property.

All the reconstruction estimates came with financial estimates. This made us very happy, because it is best to plan larger expenses in advance.


I invested in a useful service

I had Bytecheck check one house and one flat. I wanted a check from the pros, because anyone who doesn't have an eye for it doesn't know where to look. Bytecheck was recommended to me by a colleague from work.

I checked out the reviews on Google, watched the video about the service, and it seemed solid. The inspection went very well in both cases, their man was always on time. He went through everything systematically; it was obvious that he knew what to look for.

He knew the answers to my questions off the top of his head and put everything into context. For example, I discovered a crack in the wall and he explained to me why it was not the problem, but the main defects were elsewhere. He professionally asked the owner the relevant questions.

After the inspection, we went out and talked for about an hour about what we had seen. What I appreciated most was that he did not rush away quickly, but patiently explained to me how much would still have to be paid for in the event of a purchase and where the potential problems were. I had a good feeling that both times I had invested into a useful service.

I didn't need a report, I didn't want a discount from the seller, I wanted to feel confident that an expert would tell me what I could realistically buy.

Satisfied customers

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We’re glad we decided to invite the experts to the handover of the new flat, as it saved us the time and energy needed to resolve complaints about defects found after the handover.

The inspection of the flat prior to taking possession was absolutely professional. The inspector was very detailed and answered each and every question I had.

I'm sure I wouldn't have put forward such a case myself, so I know the decision to use the services was the right one.

It helped us reveal large renovation needs that prevented us from making a purchase that we may have regretted.

The inspection gave us the opinion of a stranger that the house is more or less built according to the regulations, but the developer refuses to remove the problems that bothered us.

The inspection of the flat prior to taking possession was absolutely professional. The inspector was wearing shoe covers while walking around the flat, which was a nice detail. During the inspection, he was very detailed and answered each and every question I had.

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