We are a team of real estate experts

We have been inspecting properties since 2011. Since then, we have inspected thousands of homes and apartments and saved our clients approximately 650 million crowns on fixing mistakes that were not their fault. We are architects, engineers and technicians.

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Ing. Pavel Štáf, MRICS


I am the founder and owner of Bytecheck. I believe that pre-sale property inspections should be a non-negotiable step when buying a property. I’m glad that I managed to introduce and popularize this service in our country.

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Monika Žižková

Customer service

I am in charge of the customer service line, where I will be happy to explain our services and answer any questions you may have. If you are interested, we will work together to find a convenient inspection date and put together the basic documents and information that is needed. I would also be happy to receive your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ing. arch. Peter Mosio


I’m the matador of property inspections. My acquaintances jokingly refer to me as a walking library of construction, because over the years I know the exact wording of building regulations like the back of my hand. I enjoy inspecting and suggesting modifications to period homes.

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Ing. Ondřej Bláha


I’m not one for polite chit-chat, I prefer to get right down to the inspection. I have years of experience with construction and I can do the inspections quickly because I already know how to efficiently move through a property so that nothing escapes me.

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Ing. Miroslav Tůma


I have years of experience with technical supervision. I really enjoy inspecting the condition of new buildings, because I want everything to be finished and the owner to take over a house or flat that’s in the best condition.

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Alice Pečinková


My domain is new buildings. I don’t let developers or the selling party blind me with platitudes. I carefully look for any possible flaws and check for compliance with the standards so that the new owners feel comfortable in the house.

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Šárka Čarková


When inspecting properties, I enjoy the challenge I face – discovering any hidden defects so that future owners can live comfortably in the property and not have to blame themselves for a bad buy after a few months.
I mostly inspect new buildings and supervise projects under construction

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Ing. David Sýkora, Ph.D.


I am a practitioner by background with deep insight into a building’s energy use. I use my experience in building management and maintenance. I don’t compromise when detecting defects and proposing the best solutions for removing them.

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Ing. arch. Tomáš Pavlica


Precision and a tremendous eye for detail is my main advantage and the bane of my life. But this approach is useful during an inspection – after all, I’m checking something that most people only buy once in a lifetime.

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Ing. Petr Togner


I like to make use of years of experience in construction companies when inspecting older properties. I already have my eye on what the cost of removing flaws and defects will be. And I also know the tricks that sellers sometimes use to mask flaws that are crying out for repair.

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Jitka Bartošová


I worked as a technical supervisor for years, so my strongest point is taking over new buildings. I know where and how to look to check everything thoroughly, because I understand that even a new building does not guarantee there are no mistakes.

Occasionally, we invite other experts from closely related
sectors of the construction industry for consultation.

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