Other services

We provide legal service, additional measurements, assistance with renovation or consultation and supervision of your project or construction.

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We'll prepare a reconstruction budget property

We’ll calculate how much it would cost to remodel your home. You will give us a floor plan of the property, we will discuss your idea of the changes and prepare an outline budget for the renovation.

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We will consult the technical solutions of the construction

We will become your personal builder. We will advise you
at any stage of construction or renovation, helping you with the overall plan and the sub-steps on the way to a hassle-free home of your own.

Measure thermal bridges with a thermal imaging camera

We will check if and where heat is leaking from the older property. We will document the discovered thermal bridges in a expert report with thermal camera photos, if required, so that the building company can repair the leakage points.

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We check all legal documents

Our team of lawyers will watch your back in the jungle of regulations and legislative twists and turns. They will discover controversial or inconvenient wording in your documents and negotiate with the counterparty a more favourable solution.

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Calculate how much an inspection would cost
your properties

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Our own inspection methodology

See what rules we use to
inspect properties

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