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Find out which service is best suited for you and use the calculator to get an indication of the price of an inspection.
Alternatively, you can write or call us directly. When we get in touch, we’ll arrange to hand over the documents, fine tune the price estimate from the calculator and arrange an inspection date. Our expert will arrive at an agreed time, inspect the property and be available to answer any questions you may have. If you choose a service with a report, you will receive it no later than within two working days (usually sooner). You pay the invoice at the end of the inspection.

Every property is different, but on average we find defects, problems or unfinished work that would cost the future property owners 98,000 crowns for new buildings and up to 120,000 for older buildings – and these costs do not include the time spent negotiating with the seller or developer, looking for builders, constant checks, uncertainty whether everything is running smoothly, and paying rent due to not being able to move in.

We will arrange the meeting and handover of the documents via e-mail or phone.

The price is determined by the size of the property being inspected. We have created a calculator to give you a rough estimate of the amount with no obligation.

Use your Ikea card to get a 20% discount on your inspection!

Terms and Conditions: The discount only applies to the New Building Inspection and Older Property Inspection services. The discount can only be used before the inspection takes place. The discount does not apply after the inspection. Simply show your card number, card photo or electronic card.

We count the area of the house/flat and cellar. A garage will only affect the price if it is enclosed on all four sides. We inspect balconies, loggias and terraces, but their area is not included in the price calculation.

Transport is included up to 20 kilometres from Prague, Brno and Ostrava. For more distant locations we charge 9 crowns per kilometre.

A complete property inspection report with clear photos  of the flaws. Therefore, you don’t have to negotiate with the seller on the basis of impressions or estimates, but rather you have in your hand a document issued by an expert with an estimate of the financial cost of fixing the flaws and defects found. We will check every detail in the statics, wiring, heating, floor and roof, the quality of the workmanship for the plastering, tiling, sanitary installation and, above all, the compliance with all regulations and standards. We have our own methodology for this.

In no later than two working days, usually sooner. We will tell you the list of defects right after the inspection. If you are taking over a new building from a developer, we also fill in the defects in the acceptance report on site, so you have less to worry about and the developer can start working on fixing them immediately or offer you a discount.

Let us know at least one week before you plan to have the inspection. If we have enough free capacity, we will find a date at the last minute, but the sooner you contact us, the more likely you will be able to find a date that is not booked.

It is not necessary, but you will lose the opportunity to ask our expert  about the property.
Moreover, some developers require the future owner of the property is present. If you are unwilling or unable to take part, please send a surrogate or give us power of attorney to deal with the developer.

For an inspection of a new building, we need a plan of the property, the material standards (what windows, doors, floors, sanitary fittings, etc. are in the building), a preview of the contract concluded with the developer (purchase, future purchase or work contract) and a possible list of client changes.

For older properties, we will appreciate a reference to the advertised property and, if possible, a plan of the flat or house, the electrical and gas inspection documents and commissioning reports. If you don’t have any of these, it’s not a problem.

You only pay for the inspection after it has taken place. Sometimes it happens that during the inspection the client chooses to extend the services (compiling the report, a follow-up check that the flaws found have been removed) or chooses a simplification (only a verbal communication of the flaws with no report). The invoice is sent electronically and is paid by secure bank transfer.

We do not offer acoustic measurements. We take thermal imaging measurements, but suitable conditions rarely occur, so you can book this service for a later date. For a reliable measurement, the outside temperature must be at least -5°C for at least 3 days in a row and the interior of the property must be heated to 20°C. We do not recommend this measurement for new buildings, as the risk of thermal bridges is minimal.

Yes, we will come to you wherever you are, but most of our experts are available in the vicinity of Prague and in the Central Bohemia region. We are therefore able to find a flexible date for an inspection in these areas. At other locations more advance notice is required. Transportation up to 20 kilometres from Prague, Brno and Ostrava is included in the price of the inspection, for more distant locations we charge CZK 9 per kilometre.

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